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Let's move abroad: Moving Abroad made simple

Thousands of people aspire to live abroad but don’t. We are here to show you that anyone can move abroad! You too! 

You might be overwhelmed with planning the move, worry about money and a job, or there might be some deeper fears that are holding you back.

Not any more!

At Let’s Move Abroad, we want everyone to take the jump, move abroad and embark on an incredible life-changing journey.

With our straightforward and practical approach, we help you with this exciting move’s mental and practical aspects. From no-nonsense advice, quick tips, or inspiring stories from all over the world to the 40 activities and free tools we have created – we are here to make moving abroad simple!

If you have just started dreaming about moving abroad, start here. If you are ready to plan your move, get the book now. What are you waiting for? Let’s Move Abroad!!

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Meet Charlotte, author and founder of LMA

Charlotte Rijkenberg

I’m Charlotte, the author of Let’s Move Abroad book and founder of the Let’s Move Abroad platform.

Ever since I moved abroad (over a decade ago), I will tell anyone who wants to hear it that they too should move abroad. Why? Because from the moment I moved abroad, I experienced first-hand what an incredible life-changing experience it is. Living abroad gives you opportunities and experiences beyond your imagination and allows you to grow as a person in more ways than one.

In other words, it is a life-enhancing experience I want you to have too!

Now, I know it is not as easy as just booking a ticket and go. There is a lot involved in planning a move abroad, and it can become overwhelming. But, with the help of my practical and down-to-earth advice and the stories of other expats, I hope to inspire and support you with making your move happen! 

You can follow me on @letsmoveabroad for the latest stories, advice, and practical tool. Get my book here if you are ready to turn your dream into reality. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you thrive abroad!