Coping with the Emotions of Planning a Move Abroad

Coping with the Emotions of Planning a Move

The process of uprooting your life and starting fresh can trigger a range of emotions, from excitement to fear, from hope to uncertainty. In this article, I will share ways to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with planning a move and overcome the stress and anxiety that can arise.

The Surprising Benefit of Living Abroad

The Surprising Benefit of Living Abroad

I often talk about the incredible benefits of living abroad and how it has enhanced my life. However, there might be a surprising benefit to living abroad that you haven’t heard yet..

Moving Abroad? Don’t Forget About Your Mental Health

Moving Abroad Mental Health

Our mental health is often not our priority when planning a move abroad, although it should be! Taking time for your mental well-being can help you overcome obstacles and give you the mental tools to thrive abroad.

My Top 5 Moving Abroad Must-Haves

Moving Abroad Must-Haves

To help guide your packing woes, here are some of my favorite moving abroad must-haves that have traveled with me around the world.

How to quickly move abroad – in 10 steps

How to move abroad quickly in 10 steps

If you’re ready to move abroad, read on! I’ll show you what steps we took when we decided to make our dream move from the Netherlands to Australia in just three months!

7 Super-Easy Ways to Maintain Relationships After Moving Abroad 

Ways Maintain Relationships After Moving Abroad

When nurturing friendship, a little attention and affection can go a long way. And while you may be busy building your new life abroad, it’s important to let friends and family back home know that you are thinking of them. Make sure you maintain your friendships back home with these tips.