Moving to Portugal: How Bordr Made Getting a NISS a Breeze

Moving to Portugal: How Bordr Made Getting a NISS a Breeze

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When we moved to Portugal over a year ago, we had a long list of things to sort out. From finding a new school for our kids to obtaining a tax number (NIF), the paperwork seemed endless. As I was employed in Portugal, getting a NIF and NISS (Número de Identificação de Segurança Social) for myself was a high priority. I opted to use online services like Bordr for my NIF and another service to get my NISS (as Bordr didn’t offer this service at the time). Despite the costs, I received both numbers quickly and effortlessly.

A little while later, I needed to obtain a NISS for my kids and decided to tackle it myself via the Segurança Social portal. After uploading the application with all the required information and  identification documents, I was optimistic. However, after receiving an error message the second time, I booked an appointment to finalize the paperwork in person. The earliest available appointment was in four weeks, so I confirmed the required paperwork (passport and birth certificate) with the lady on the phone and waited.

With a positive attitude and a bag full of copies of the most important identification documents, I went in person. Unfortunately, the lady at the branch rudely informed me that I needed a Portuguese translation of the birth certificate, handed my documents back without further inspection, and moved on to the next person. I left feeling angry, frustrated, and deflated but unwilling to start a confrontation. I got into my car, let out a scream, and decided I was done trying to handle it myself.

Then, I checked the Bordr website and was happy to learn they now offered NISS applications as well. I was so relieved and decided to book their service the same day.

Here are the steps I followed to obtain the NISS for my kids using Bordr:

Moving to Portugal


Step 1: Pay the Fee for the service

Step 2: Complete the Intake Form

I filled out a simple online form with the necessary details for both kids at a time.

Step 3: Sign the Power of Attorney Documents

The next working day, I received an email from my Bordr representative requesting I sign and upload the POA documents. I made sure to do this the same day. After that, I received a confirmation that everything was received and that they would submit the NISS request on our behalf.

Step 4: Wait

After submitting the signed document, all I had to do was wait. Bordr took care of the rest, liaising with the necessary authorities. 


Despite some delays on the NISS end, within two weeks, I received the NISS documents for my kids without much fuss. The entire process was smooth and efficient, thanks to Bordr’s streamlined approach.

It’s frustrating that I wasn’t able to handle the NISS application myself and that I was told I needed translated documents, but that’s bureaucracy for you ;-). Luckily, I found a reliable partner in Bordr. They helped me navigate Portugal’s bureaucratic landscape without any translated documents and without any fuss.

Their service saved me time, reduced stress, and ensured everything was handled correctly. This was a huge relief and the main reason I would highly recommend using Bordr for any expat facing similar challenges.

Moving to a new country comes with its fair share of challenges, but services like Bordr can make the transition significantly smoother. If you’re an expat in Portugal struggling with bureaucratic processes, Bordr is your go-to solution for obtaining essential documents like the NISS.

On a personal note, the move to Portugal has been a rewarding experience despite the initial hurdles. Bordr played a crucial role in simplifying our transition, making it more enjoyable and less stressful. For more tips on making your move smooth and effortless, visit the Bordr website and check out my book, Let’s Move Abroad for more tips, resources, and relatable stories from expats all over the world.

Moving to Portugal Bordr

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