Relocating during a pandemic: Discover 3 ways to do it!

Relocating during a pandemic: Discover 3 ways to do it!

Relocating during a pandemic. Completely crazy? Or a good idea?  What are the opportunities? And how has COVID-19 affected our chances of moving abroad?

First things first, I think we can all agree that the year 2020 has been crazy and challenging. COVID-19 completely took over our lives and is still affecting many of us daily. It has changed the world. Lockdowns, masks, and things like “social distancing” are the new normal. When it comes to moving or living abroad, many of us had to change plans and put dreams on hold. 

We held off our relocating plans and decided to stay in Dubai. Others chose to move back home, postponed their relocation plans, or decided to move abroad regardless of a pandemic. For example, Martyna decided to move back to Poland in early 2020 when airports were closing. And Brekke moved from Los Angeles to Mexico, because the pandemic proved to her she wanted (no, needed) a different life. Different people, different choices, and stories. 

So, is relocating during a pandemic possible? The short answer is yes, and here is how:

Flexible work environment

If COVID-19 has brought us one positive thing, it is the ability to have a flexible work environment. The workplace has shifted, and a lot of jobs are being done remotely. Companies have quickly adapted to the new situation and offer more flexibility to the work environment. Just recently, Microsoft announced they will provide a so-called “hybrid workplace,” allowing employees to permanently work from home (even after the pandemic).

If you are one of the lucky ones with a flexible work environment, you can move to any place you like! A tropical beach, a snowy mountain retreat, or a simple life in a rural area, the choice is yours. 

Relocating during a pandemic

New ways to enter countries 

Like companies have quickly adapted to COVID-19. Countries also looked at new ways to bring in money. With tourism declining across the globe, countries had to come up with new ways to attract people. And luckily for you, that means that a lot of work, tourist, and retirement visas have changed or are introduced. Just recently, the government from Barbados announced a “12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp” for visitors working remotely. Similarly, Estonia announced its Digital Nomad Visa. And the UAE introduced a one-year remote work visa and a new retirement visa. And these are just a handful of examples!

Please note: Getting the required paperwork might take longer than usual, and the possibilities will depend on COVID-19 rules and regulations in each country. Do your research and explore the options, and you might find yourself living in another country this time next year!

New job opportunities

Many people have lost their jobs this year, and relocating to another country might not be a priority now. But don’t put your dreams on the back-burner just yet! Although many industries have suffered, there are also a lot of companies that have expanded their businesses. There is a significant number of sectors, specializations, and job roles that are in high demand. Think E-commerce, IT services, Distribution & Logistics, and of course, in the Medical field. You may have to consider a career shift, but there are opportunities out there, at home, or in a country you’ve always dreamed of. 


Relocating during a pandemic


As we are nearing the end of 2020, we can agree it has been a challenging year. It has been a year where many of us reflected on our lives. Realized what is important. What makes us happy. But is it also a reason to hold off on our dreams? Relocating during a pandemic; should you do it? Can you do it?

If you’ve always dreamed of living abroad, you should ask yourself “why not pursue it”? Yes, it has been a crazy year, and the pandemic is challenging for all of us. But there are opportunities out there! Countries are offering better visas, and work environments are more flexible and hybrid. Follow your dream and find a place to live where you feel happy. Especially now!

And if you’re not comfortable moving now, during the pandemic, start planning your move for the near future. Explore destinations, list what you want (and don’t want), and take your time to plan your dream move. If you need a little help, get the Let’s Move Abroad Book today. It will be the best start of your amazing and unforgettable moving abroad journey.

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